Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sarah Palin to campaign for John McCain - GOOD.

The former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, will be campaigning for John McCain during his upcoming battle for the Republican nomination, bolstering the Conservative credentials of Senator McCain, while rewarding his terrific efforts in the United States Senate over the previous twelve months.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential race who remains popular among conservative voters, also is expected to lend a hand: She visits Arizona on March 26-27 to help McCain raise money and campaign.

Scott Brown is also campaigning for Senator McCain, due to McCain's support of Scott Brown's campaign when most considered him a lost cause, leaving McCain with unexpected support from across the political landscape.

Some will fault Sarah Palin & Scott Brown, for their efforts to re-elect Senator McCain, however, Senator McCain was our nominee for President fourteen months ago and ever since has been one of the leading opponents of the Obama administration and his radical agenda, while securing a 81% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, what's the problem?

Consider this, if there was no Senator McCain than there would be no Sarah Palin.

Senator McCain is our strongest voice on National Defense, do we want to replace him with a Congressman who is focused on illegal immigration alone? While, Senator McCain should be a stronger Conservative on that specific issue, I'll take a dedicated National defense Conservative on a regular basis.

I congratulate Sarah Palin on her campaign efforts for Senator McCain, a real patriot, who was almost our President of the United States of America, one that would have stood strong for life, America's and Israel's interests, fiscal conservatism and strong Supreme Court Justices, among other Conservative causes and goals, along with the absence of radicals in the White House.

In conclusion, I would like to offer one Conservative Republican blogger's endorsement for Senator John McCain, because that's the best path for America, same as it was in November of 2008.

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DEO said...

YEAH, I do fault them. They can't be the faces of the tea party movement AND stump for that old establishment coot. Shut up when other people are hypocritical if you take this nonsense from the fresh new stars of the fresh new movement. It's all the same and so are Palin and Naked Boy.
Two beauty contestants with no brains or gumption.

manotick said...

Watch Sarah cloeely...focus on EVERY speech she is giving this year and EVERY candidate she is supporting. And look for the messages in her speeches....and do some research to see what Reagan did between 1976 when he lost to Ford in the Republican presidential primary and 1980 when he won the presidency.

Sarah has chosen Reagan as her model. She wants to be a female Reagan. To do that she is avoiding the Washington and Republican party elites and talking directly to the American people. Not the Americans on the right, not the Americans on the left, not the Americans in the middle....but to ALL Americans. Just like Reagan did.

After his 1976 loss Reagan kept his name in the public by using every opportunity to use the media of the day - tv, radio, newspapers, and magazines - to get his message out. He also accepted EVERY speaking engagement offered to him to do the same.

Now look at Sarah. Had she stayed governor in Alaska she would have been at the edge of the continent out of the fray of American politics and soon forgotten. By quitting she now has the freedom to write and promote the number one non-fiction book (and still number one on the New York Times list for the past 3 months), meet all of her fans, and make some money.

Now do a search on her 2010 speaking engagements and you will see that she in the keynote speaker for the tea party convention in Nashville as well as the keynote speaker at several Republican events. She is appearing as a major speaker at a motivational converence in Houston. And not only is she the keynote speaker at the Wine & Spirits Convention in Las Vegas, she is alao the keynote speaker at the American Bowling Convention (did you know she bowls??). I am sure there will be more speeches to come.

And of course she is on Fox News and appeared on Oprah yesterday. And to big ratings everytime she appears.

And she has a huge Facebook and Twitter following.

Like Reagan, Sarah is using the media to keep her name and her messages out front but with the advantage of the new Internet and wireless technology.

At the same time she is campaigning for three Republican canditates in primaries this year - Michelle Backman on the conservative right, John McCain on the Republican left, and Governor Perry of Texas who is more in the Republican middle. Hmmmm so what side is she on? Or is she on all sides ....reaching out to the independents and the middle while she keeps her conservative fans?

The Republican Texas Governor Primary on March 2nd will be the most intriguing for she is aligned with the incumbent Governor Perry vs. Kay Hutchinson and her supporters -- George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and James Baker III. The new guard vs. the old guard in the Republican party. If Perry wins this will send a shot through the entire Republican party just like Brown winning Massachusetts sent a shot across the bow of the Obaama ship.

And if Bachmann, McCain and Perry win, they will all be thanking Sarah for her help. At that point there won't be a Republican or conservative independent in the country who wont want her help in November.

So my interest will be in seeing if in all these speeches and campaiging we hear bits and pieces of the begining of a Palin she takes this opportunity to present to the American people her vision of a new America.

By the way, having read a lot of Democrat blogs and other comments over the past few days in light of the Brown victory coupled with the US Supreme Court decision on corporations and political campaigne, many many Democrats now fear a President Palin in 2012. Who woulda thunk it????

Anonymous said...

KIA read Manotick's comment and finds what was said to be VERY right on the money. I moved to Austin from Atlanta in June 09. Economy, Texans, attitudes best in the country here. Palin campaigned in Houston for Perry and I shook her hand on the rope line. She stopped and spoke to a mentally handicapped woman and the lady said to Sarah, "you have a son that looks just like me." The sister of the woman was so moved, as she wrote letters to Sarah and then shook her hand. They advocated Pro Life and personally, you will never get a politician that pleases all, but Super Sunday with Sarah campaigning for Governor Perry had the crowd really excited. Including me. And then when you are in the middle of the crowd, standing in line for hours, speaking to real Americans, you wonder where the press, bloggers, etc etc come up with all sorts of distortion. Anyhoo, I enjoyed your comment.