Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is Hayworth a Birther?

The challenger to Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, JD Hayworth, may have some explaining to do. Appearing on the left-wing opinion channel MSNBC, he told left-wing host Chris Matthews that he wants to see Barack Obama's birth certificate.

The main problem is that it's been released before. Not only that, but plenty of supplementary evidence backs up the President's documented birth in Hawaii. None supports him being born outside of the US.

In addition, even though Hayworth is significantly more conservative than "Maverick" McCain, he still divides the Tea Party movement. Freedom Works, perhaps the largest of the groups, has not declared its support for Hayworth.

If Hayworth is actually a birther, he will not win the general election, even if he defeats McCain. In an increasingly Latino state, staking his reputation on such a bizarre and fanciful position will be worse that just about anything McCain can say or vote on.

Hayworth is beginning to remind me of a right-wing Alan Grayson. He says a lot of outrageous things to get attention, but is actually fragile. Say what you want about McCain, but if it's between him and a Grayson clone, count me in the McCain camp.

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Anonymous said...

who cares where obama was born. if his daddy was NEVER a US citizen how can he be a NBC?

if you are telling me that it only take 1 parent and that child born on US soil then hows this work for you ?

osama bin laden(a non US citizen) gets a US Citizen Girl Pregant has a kid in ohio you mean to tell me that kid can be president?

Preston said...

Lets see, if you have real facts and a good lawyer then you will go to trial, this has not happened, no facts just assumptions, more than likely, your logic is crude to say the least, but very funny. You guys need to win a case, but until then, you guys will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. Keep plucking that chicken because I love what you are doing.

Surfers paradise said...

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