Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Can't Freaking Believe that this Picture of Obama is Real

I saw this the other day and couldn't believe it. I thought it was a photoshop job like the ones I do with Joe. No one could be this ill spoken, this unprepared. But then I saw an article over at our pals Sorry, all the clever names are taken. And what's more, he cited his sources! So, yes, the President had to have this elaborate scheme to talk to 6th graders:
Two teleprompters, a podium, and whatever the hell are at his feet. Ridiculous.

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Harrison said...

Why one needs Teleprompters to talk to 6th graders is beyond me. What a doofus.

There was a story from the Onion about Obama's teleprompter failing at dinner with his family which was funny. Here's a photo:

Anonymous said...

At his feet would be monitors, so he can hear himself.

Aurelius said...

The Onion: Predicting the future since the 1800s!

Robert Simms said...

Thanks for the plug.