Friday, January 29, 2010

What is the point of blogging?

What is the point of blogging?


Bloggers, regardless of political affiliation or genre write dozens of articles a week, sometimes more or less, depending on the news of the hour and time available to produce more content. Most bloggers are writing for pleasure or to have a open forum to espouse their political, sports or random views, while some are full time bloggers seeking financial gain.

Blogging for bucks is an unrealistic endeavor that results in shattered dreams of blogosphere conquest 98.9 percent of the time, however, 1.1% of bloggers have capitalized in the new media as independent sources of news and opinion, but most of the successful bloggers are either current or former members of the Main Stream Media, such as Michelle Malkin and R.S. McCain.

Prominent capitalistic bloggers have achieved success, but the average political, sports or random thoughts blogger has a better chance of being linked on the Drudge Report or Insta Pundit than profiting from Adsense or individual advertisements.

Blogging is fun 80 percent of the time, while blogging is pure hell 20 percent of the time.

I should elaborate on the highlights and suckage of blogging, but that would distract us from the initial question of this article, What is the point of blogging?

Monetary success is out of the question for most if not all bloggers, blogging does involve some baggage that one deals with, such as personal insults or an archive of political rants that could be used against someone in the future, and political blogging in particular can be frustrating, as there have been times I've contemplated a weekend of seclusion.

Leaving us with accomplishments and our version of making a difference in the political or sports based realm of opinions and ideas. 2009 was such a year for the Conservative blogosphere, as scandals were exposed, Presidential nominees and appointments were uncovered and forced out of office on occasion, legislation has been revealed and candidates have been lifted up from political obscurity.

In conclusion, political blogging is hard work, sports blogging can be monotonous, fashion blogging is the bottom of the proverbial gutter, film blogging is below the actual gutters of Cincinnati and recipe blogging is insulting to all of us, but we all have a passion to express our Constitutional right to blog about whatever the hell we want, so deal with it!

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