Friday, January 29, 2010

Conservatives battle over Space Exploration.

I hate Conservative vs. Conservative battles, but these are battles that will define our movement, character and governing in the coming Republican controlled House of Representatives and Executive Branch. I'm not one to attack fellow Conservatives, but we're facing tough times in America, should we be fighting over Space Exploration?

Barack Obama's administration announced a cut in a vital section of the Constellation Program earlier this week, ending all hopes of returning American astronauts to the Moon and launching missions to reach Mars for a long time, choosing "budget cuts" over "national pride", when in the end the Democratic Budget will increase funding to the NASA program, for climate change instead of exploration.

This has (excuse the intentional pun) launched a battle of opinions amongst Conservative bloggers, as some agree with the Obama administration and others disagree with the Obama administration on this sudden hot button issue of Americas future in Space Exploration.

Conservative bloggers who support decision

Are conservatives really upset about this? I would have thought it’d be grudgingly approved as an unfortunate yet necessary sacrifice to fiscal responsibility, but the Village Voice cobbled together an entire article few days ago from angry reactions of righty bloggers to news that the mission was on the chopping block. On the one hand, we’re knocking The One for his laughably puny spending freeze, and on the other, we’re knocking him for not shoveling billions towards NASA for yet another hoparound on the big rock in the sky? I don’t get it.

Allahpundit -

Concurring with just one word.....

Ann Althouse -

Conservative bloggers who oppose decision

In a rational world, we wouldn't need a NASA. The private industry would do it all, but government has just about snuffed every possibility of that out.

Obama is killing space. Billions for graft and corruption and his union army and worse for the junk science of global warming, but nothing for the future discovery and the progress of man. It's awful. The collapse of science is all but complete.

Trillions for global hoaxing, the middle finger for science.

Pamela Geller -

Concurring with passion............

This is 2010. Four decades since we landed on the moon. We should have permanent human habitation on the moon by now, and be on the way to landing man on Mars. Every ounce of research indicates that because there is water on the moon and on Mars, that continued human habitation is possible.

We will never get to the stars until we learn how to live off of this rock. The only way we can survive here centuries into the future is to revert back to cavemen, with no technologies, no cities and no global economy. Or, we can develop new technologies. And the only way to do that is by new technology, and space exploration is proven to accomplish that.

Billy Dennis -

The opinions of this Conservative blogger?

I support the proposed Moon mission one hundred percent. JFK understood what was valuable in American exploration into the unknown, besides defeating our Soviet enemies in the battle for space and the Moon, because we are the United States of America, we don't do something because it offers the least resistance, but because it offers the greatest challenge to prove ourselves once again to the world, for what and who we are.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of waste in our government, but sending an American to Mars is not a waste, regardless of what financial situation we happen to be in, because American greatness and pride never takes a backseat in a recession, that includes explorations........imagine our Founding Fathers at this time, discussing our exploration to Mars!

It's such a shame we have a socialistic moron in charge of America, because we could have done something no other nation on the face of the earth has ever accomplished before, we could have put a man on Mars.

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