Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election Results

Jumping in Pools is your source for up-to-the-minute election results. We're going to be updating this article regularly for the Massachusetts Special Election. We're covering Scott Brown and Martha Coakley's totals exclusively.

As of 8:36PM:

Brown has a 24,000 vote lead

As of 8:38PM:

Brown: 200,000 Coakley: 182,000

As of 8:43:

Brown: 249,000 Coakley: 216,000

As of 8:48:

Brown: 338,000 Coakley: 301,000

As of 8:54:

Brown: 462,000 Coakley: 407,000

As of 8:56:

Brown: 514,000 Coakley: 460,000

As of 9:00:

Brown: 587,000 Coakley: 520,000

As of 9:09:

Brown: 745,000 Coakley: 654,000

Scott Brown wins!

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1 comment:

Surfers paradise said...

Each state counts its own vote as soon as the polls close. I think the first state to finish voting is Kentucky or Indiana and that's 5.30pm local time, if my memory serves me correctly. That's 11.30pm in the UK and 12.30am in France. Within minutes the networks will call the state for one of the candidates or declare the contest too close to call.