Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Conservatism, Stupid

Scott Brown is leading his Democratic opponent in Massachusetts for several reasons, among those reasons is Conservatism as a movement, a momentum, and a strong connection of freedom promoting ideas and ideals. While we are well aware of differences in the political thinking of Scott Brown and the average Conservative, Scott Brown is as Conservative as one could expect in Massachusetts, and he is not afraid to hide it.

Brown's campaign has run on a strong fiscal conservative platform, including opposition to Democratic legislation on health care, cap & trade, and the just introduced legislation to tax banking institutions. National defense has also been a strong talking point in Brown's campaign, as the longtime Veteran of the National Guard, supporter of the War on Terrorism, and defender of Tribunals instead of Trials for enemies of the United States, has been well received.

Social Conservatism has been absent from this election, as there is more important legislation and issues than abortion, homosexual marriage, and other issues of interest for Social Conservatives, however, Brown has received the endorsement of pro-life organizations, due to the better of three evils, as Brown favors some restrictions on abortion, compared to his Democratic opponent who supports abortion under all circumstances.

Conservatism is winning this election for Scott Brown, as Tea Partiers across Massachusetts and America are involved in the Scott Brown campaign, one of the leading causes to support Scott Brown is his declaration to be the 41st Senator to oppose Obamacare, the idiotic liberal statements of Brown's opponent has reduced her support to a dwindling base, and the support of Conservatives across America, whether it be the blogosphere, twitterings, talk radio, publications, and financial contributors, has had a profound effect on Brown's campaign.

Scott Brown is winning this election because of liberal ideals, however, he is winning because of the liberal ideals of his opponent, which are unpopular amongst the electorate in Massachusetts. Conservatism is the ideal of freedom, defense, and economic stability, that is what the voters of Massachusetts want, and that is what they'll get with Senator Brown in the United States Senate.

It's Conservatism stupid, nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

I think this election, the coming mid-term elections and the 2012 elections will be a showcase for conservative candidates. The true conservatives will rise to the top in the coming election cycle and liberals will fall to a well deserved and hard earned defeat.