Monday, January 18, 2010

Final pre-election thoughts on Massachusetts election.

All of the debates, polls, advertisements, cheapshots, campaign efforts, press conferences, endorsements and millions of dollars will mean nothing tomorrow night, because the long awaited fate of the Massachusetts Senate election will be decided in the voting booth, as the Massachusetts electorate will have their voice heard and their vote counted, once and for all.

I have seen two close congressional elections in New York, one voter decide a Town Supervisor's election, and 50 voters decide a local Sheriff's election, however, none of them compare to the interesting nature or the memorable aspects of the Massachusetts Senate race, as pure bloggers brought a doomed campaign to a successful campaign on the verge of election to the United States Senate.

Scott Brown is the greatest candidate a campaign could have, in addition to his wonderful daughters who are substituting for his wife (she cannot appear on the campaign, due to restrictions at the television station she works for), a fantastic campaign staff that is well aware of social networking power and the Conservative movement, along with the tireless supporters across Massachusetts.

With just a few hours to the election, I have a few suggestions for the thousands of Brown supporters who have no idea what to do for the campaign tomorrow.

1. VOTE! Scott Brown needs all of the votes that he can get, because Massachusetts is still one of the liberalist states in the Union, meaning a Republican vote means twice as much as usual tomorrow morning and afternoon.

2. Call your friends! Unless the Conservative movement is "moving" all Brown voters in Massachusetts, this late minute campaign effort is a waste of time. Call, email, doesn't matter, we need those votes!

3. Campaign. Continue phone calls through the Scott Brown phone banks across the state and on the Internet, engage with regular citizens during voting hours tomorrow, and don't be afraid to challenge Democratic friends to make a real difference and "change".

We can do this. I have severe limitations, as I am just a Conservative Republican blogger from New York, who is pushing his relatives to vote for Scott Brown, is writing about the campaign in hopes of clinching the election through remaining undecided voters, and is following the actions of the campaign from afar, to learn for elections in November.

Scott Brown will be the 41st vote against government run health care, cap & trade, and other horrific Democratic proposals in the United States Congress, however, he cannot do a thing without the individual votes of hundreds of thousands to millions of Massachusetts citizens, so do something about it!

Lets win this election! Yes, the American people CAN!

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