Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doug Hoffman was the first sensation.

The Conservative blogosphere, Conservative tweeters, Conservative media, Conservative facebook users and Conservative volunteers are the reason Scott Brown is the Senator-elect of Massachusetts, however, there was another campaign that relied on social networking and the alternative media, Doug Hoffman's unsuccessful campaign in New York's 23rd congressional district.

Mr.Hoffman's campaign did not end in the same fashion as Scott Brown's did, but his campaign exposed "Dede" Scozzafava for what she is, a Liberal Republican, who doesn't give a damn about Republicans, just her political power. Conservative Republican activists across America joined the race for Hoffman's campaign, as the long held Republican seat was endangered, but due to Scozzafava's endorsement of Bill Owens over Doug Hoffman and the little noted press release of Bill Owens during the Hoffman-Scozzafava battle, we lost the seat.

Bill Owens would violate four campaign promises in his inaugural 24 hours of work, outraging citizens and voters across the 23rd congressional district, and resulting in Doug Hoffman seeking the Republican and Conservative nomination once again to challenge Bill Owens in 2010, leaving an interesting election to be held in November*.

Scott Brown was our first successful campaign, however, Doug Hoffman was our first sensation, one that brought a little known candidate from Watertown to a well funded candidate who almost was elected to the House of Representatives, in just three weeks. Quite the accomplishment for a small band of Conservative activists and politicians, including Michelle Malkin, R.S. McCain and Sarah Palin.

In nine months, we'll be preparing for the final push, as Republican candidates across America will be campaigning in hopes of overturning Democratic rule in both Houses of Congress, Conservative bloggers will be featuring candidates in need of volunteers and contributions, but we'll have the experience of the Hoffman and Brown campaigns to understand the situation on the ground, and what is needed.

Doug Hoffman will be on the mind of Conservative bloggers and activists in November, but our focus will be spread across America, as all 435 congressional districts as up for election, along with dozens of Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections, however, his brave campaign against the odds, helped form our campaign efforts for future elections, and we owe him for that. I just hope we'll use our skills to defeat and attack Democratic opponents, instead of going after our candidates, something I fear will hurt our chances of retaking the House of Representatives and United States Senate in 2010, God forbid.

* - According to a poll released from the Hoffman campaign, 74% of Republican voters believe Hoffman should run for Congress again, and all of Hoffman's potential Republican opponents trail the popular candidate, in excess of 30% or more.

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