Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who gives a damn?

Sometimes I wonder about those who oversee the publication of articles, such as an article on Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs or the opinions of a deranged Obama voter, who is spamming newspapers across America. Who gives a damn? Charles Johnson made his fortune on the Conservative movement, stabbed us in the back and has a dream, of becoming the most hated member of the entire blogosphere, regardless of political affiliation.

Enter Jill Dorson, a freelance writer and former small business owner, whom Real Clear Politics published this morning on their well respected website. What did Ms.Dorson write to cause such a stir? Why I Regret Voting For President Obama.

According to Ms.Dorson, she voted against Senator John McCain, because of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, one of the most important members of our movement and one of the most successful Governors, while in office. I could slap Ms.Dorson for her pathetic reasoning, due to her later declaration, "I often define myself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.".

Voting for a reckless, inexperienced and unaccomplished Senator from Illinois, seemed to be the better choice for Ms.Dorson, instead of voting for a Senator who has made a name opposing pork barrel projects and other waste? Not to mention, Sarah Palin was a career tax cutter in office, defender of Capitalism and well known for vetoing wasteful expenditures of tax dollars.

I could care less about your "regrets" Ms.Dorson, because Barack Obama is now President of the United States, pushing our nation towards fiscal oblivion, thanks a lot. I would like to write an article for Real Clear Politics though, titled, Why I Regret The Constitutional Right For Idiots To Vote.

Once more, who gives a damn? We have numerous problems facing our great nation, do we need idiots who helped cause this disaster that is Obama, to waste precious space on the World Wide Web, while overtaking the precious time of Conservative bloggers, who stand alone against the terrors of liberalism, on the World Wide Web.

I digress.

In other news, the New York Jets returned to their beloved pastime of disappointing Jet fans once again, however, there is an upside - Mark Sanchez was awesome against the Colts, it was the lack of trust in Sanchez that screwed us this afternoon, a total reversal of the entire season.

I also blame The Other McCain for the Jets loss this afternoon,, the second consecutive sporting event he has outsmarted me, leaving one political blogger questioning his sports knowledge, after all - I started in sports blogging, have I lost all sports related powers of prediction?

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The Lonely Conservative said...

I just read that piece at RCP and had the same reaction. Plus, that was five minutes I'll never get back.

Sorry about your Jets.

Luke said...

Jesus Fuck Christ, Serbian shit needs to be purged badly

Cathee said...

Who is Matt Sanchez? Mark's brother?