Monday, January 18, 2010

New York Young Republicans for Scott Brown.

Authors note - I am the Chairman of a Young Republicans Club in Upstate New York.

New York Young Republicans are seeking to make a difference in the Massachusetts Senate election tomorrow, as busloads and carloads of volunteers descended into Massachusetts over the weekend, while call centers have been launched across New York, all in assistance to Brown's campaign.

Chairman Lynn Krogh has been spearheading Young Republican efforts in Massachusetts, as a recent email I received from Chairman Krogh, documented Young Republican efforts, including a total of over 4,000 voters reached over the weekend, with call centers in Ontario, Steuben, and Albany counties.

Young Republicans are not the lone Republicans involved in this election from New York, as Rudy Giuliani has campaigned for Scott Brown's campaign in Italian neighborhoods, the leading Republican candidate in the upcoming Gubernatorial election has donated funds and has tweeted his support for Scott Brown's campaign, and a Young Republicans organization in Upstate New York endorsed Brown's campaign over the weekend.

This is not a wasted volunteering effort in a faltering campaign, this is the beginning of the Conservative Republican revolution or comeback in the North Eastern United States, and New York Republicans as a whole are energized, as the successful campaign that has been launched in Massachusetts, is inspiration for tired souls.

Tom Reed seeking election in New York's 29th congressional district, Rick Lazio seeking election in New York's upcoming Gubernatorial election, and Bruce Blakeman seeking the Republican nomination in November's Senate election against Senator Gillibrand have all captured the minds of New York Republicans, as we are all prepared to usher in the Scott Brown revolution into New York.

In conclusion, Young Republicans might be the unheard, unseen, and unknown volunteers on the street and on the telephone, however, Young Republicans are fired up, and I predict we will hear more from the Young Republicans over the next ten months, because we're prepared to fight for our candidates, more than ever.

Remember to vote Scott Brown and please support his campaign,, because your vote and support does count.

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