Friday, January 22, 2010

McCain leads Republican field.

In addition to Sarah Palin and Scott Brown campaigning for Senator McCain in the coming months, according to a Rasmussen Reports opinion poll of 502 Arizona Republicans, Senator McCain has a comfortable lead amongst all Republican candidates seeking the Nomination and Republican voters have a favorable opinion of all Republican candidates in the race.

Senator McCain - 53%.
Congressman Hayworth - 31%.
Chris Simcox - 4%.
Some other candidate - 3%.
Not sure - 8%.

This is the perfect Senate election for Arizona Republicans, because another term of Senator McCain would be great for our values, the former Congressman Hayworth would make a fine Senator and Minuteman leader Chris Simcox would also represent the state well, however, just one can be our nominee in November, and Senator McCain is the man for the job.

Regardless of who the eventual Republican nominee is, Arizona Democrats have no interest in the Senate election, as recapturing the Governors' mansion is their goal in November, which fell into Republican hands after Napalitano was nominated to head Homeland Security.

Overall, good news for Arizona Republicans, as congressional campaigns have been launched across the state, Republicans have three potential candidates of good standing running for the Senate (Note - Heyworth is not an official candidate), and the Governors' mansion is in their hands for now.

Rasmussen Reports -

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Wild Bill said...

I will have to politely disagree with you on McCain being a good Republican candidate. In my humble opinion (and this is coming from an Oklahoman), it appears that McCain is only acting like a Republican to ensure he gets elected again for another 6 years. I would not be shocked to see him go back to his "maverick" ways after the election and start acting like a RINO again.

Editor said...

I am open for debate. McCain has been a longtime supporter of life, Conservative/Originalist justices on the Supreme Court, a strong American National defense, he has a good rating from the American Conservative Union, is not afraid to challenge our Democratic counterparts, and will not flip to the Democratic side or RINOISH side, because he is opposed to the Obama administration agenda, period.

Obama is doing the opposite of what a McCain administration would be doing.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a RINO.

Heyworth is the real deal.

Time to clear out the deadwood. McCain is an unmitigated disaster.

Anonymous said...

McCain may be conservative on some issues but during the campaign his stance on health care and other initiatives was not exactly in line with the conservative view point. For the most part McCain is better than having a liberal in there so in that way I agree.