Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remember, Nobel Prize means nothing as of 2009.

It's not every day that a Nobel Prize winner becomes involved in a U.S. election, but Lech Walesa -- famed for his Cold War leadership of the Solidarity movement in Poland -- will be campaigning this week for a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Illinois.

RS McCain with American Spectator - http://spectator.org/blog/2010/01/25/lech-walesa-will-campaign-for

Let us remember, the Nobel Prize means nothing as of 2009 - both Al Gore and Barack Obama have won Nobel Prizes, one for junk science and the other for aspirations. Mr.Walesa is an amazing individual and his endorsement of Adam Andrzejewski for Governor is a confirmation of Conservatism in the young candidate, but being a Nobel Prize winner, means nothing after Al Gore and Barack Obama.

Some might take this the wrong way, but being in the presence of Mr.Walesa is an honor, but being in the presence of Al Gore or Barack Obama is a pure disgrace, considering the circumstances surrounding their "Nobel Prizes".

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1 comment:

Alezend said...

Yeah Obama's "nobel prize" is such a sad shame.