Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A final look at the Brown election.

Well, one of the most important elections of the decade is over, resulting in a Republican takeover in one of the deepest blue states in America, sending shockwaves through the American political scene, while depressing Democrats to a breaking point, because they're well aware of the facts, that none of the their members seeking re-election are safe.

Scott Brown's campaign was one of the most interesting and fascinating I have seen, as a perfect balance of political knowhow and streetsmart quicktalk, resulted in a candidate whom the voters trust and a Senator who will work hard for Conservative goals, regardless of the political cost.

This election was not just a wakeup call to Democrats across America, a stab in the heart for Democratic legislation on health care, a realization of Republican hopes in 2010, but this election could prevent some of the worst legislation proposed in our lifetimes, from passing over the next ten months.

Health care could be dead.
Cap & trade could be dead.
Taxes on banking industries, could be dead.
The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 is dead.
All possible attacks on the second amendment, are dead.

This election was not just the beginning step in one hell of a Republican comeback, it is a crucial step in saving America from some of the worst legislation proposed in decades, while promoting Republican written legislation when the time is right, something that could happen sooner than we previously thought or expected.

As for the Conservative blogosphere, we were the first members of the new media following this election on a regular basis, while advocating Scott Brown's campaign to millions of Conservatives across America and it worked. It started with a few Conservative bloggers - William Jacobson, Sissy Willis and me, however, it ended with the entire blogosphere supporting Scott Brown and providing the well deserved and needed backup during the final stages of the campaign.

This election was also a resounding vote in support of our troops, as Scott Brown has been a member of the National Guard for decades, Scott Brown supports the War on Terrorism, Scott Brown knows we need tribunals in a secure location, not trials in American cities. We have elected a proud member of the National Guard to serve with a proud War Hero, works for me.

In conclusion, Scott Brown is the victor in Massachusetts, but America is the ultimate winner as result of this election, because we now have enough votes to secure Constitutional freedoms, until the November elections can provide Conservative Republican backup. Where will this backup come from? Connecticut, Nevada, Illinois, Delaware, California? Who knows!

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Aurelius said...

Good work, Tim. Next stop November!