Sunday, January 24, 2010

ESPN is rigged.

Which team left in the playoffs has the best fans?

47% - New Orleans Saints.
28% - Minnesota Vikings.
13% - Indianapolis Colts.
12% - New York Jets.

You've got to be kidding me! The New Orleans Saints have the best fans? I have a feeling the ESPN voting box is being rigged, because the Jets have THE most dedicated fans in the entire National Football League, I don't recall a "Fireman Ed" in New Orleans or "S!A!I!N!T!S!, SAINTS! SAINTS! SAINTS!" in the Superdome.

It has been bad enough to be a Jets fan over the years, but to have our brethren attacked as the "worst" fans in the National Football League, goes too damn far! We'll show them in a few hours, as the Indianapolis Colts are gonna be begging for help and their mothers.

This is no longer about dedication, it's about securing and protecting our sacred honor as Jet fans, thus I call on all willing members of Jets Nation, to support our fellow Jet fans, because we cannot allow this injustice to continue.

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Sirchadthepro said...

I have to say MR.K this is one of the dumbest articles you have written. Nobody likes the jets and thats why they are going to lose. There were way more Saints fans.

Aurelius said...

Well, Sirchad, I like the Jets, but Mr. K, you've got to understand that it's an internet poll. According to JiP's latest poll, Coakley and Kennedy would be battling it out as the top vote-getters in Massachusetts.

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