Sunday, January 31, 2010

Larry Kudlow for Senate?

The Scott Brown revolution has moved into Empire state politics, as thousands of New York citizens are calling on popular CNBC host, Larry Kudlow, to challenge Senator Schumer this November and to bring fiscal conservative representation back into the state.

Kudlow is a well known economist, talk show host and columnist, who worked in the Reagan Administration for a number of years, and has donated $32,000 dollars to Republican candidates over the past three decades.

Kudlow is a staunch defender of Capitalism, opposes taxation and protectionism, opposes government run health care, supports the Bush tax cuts, opposes the cap & tax legislation, and supports "Tea-party, free-market populism" according to a recent post on his blog. Kudlow was also a supporter of the Iraqi War, Bush economic policies (tax cuts, etc.) and wrote about Scott Brown's amazing campaign in Massachusetts, touting the similarities between Scott Brown and President Reagan.

Some Republicans are hopeful about our chances against Senator Schumer in November (I believe we should focus on defeating Senator Gillibrand, but I'm dedicated to supporting our candidates, regardless of their political chances), to the point of launching a petition calling on Kudlow to abandon his show, move to the Empire state (he currently resides in Connecticut) and deliver us from Senator Schumer, the man who could care less about the concerns of New Yorkers.

In conclusion, it comes down to three questions - Can Kudlow win? Can Kudlow appeal to Democrats? Can Kudlow unite Republicans, Conservatives and Independents? The answer is a resounding "YES!" to all three questions, as Kudlow could defeat Senator Schumer under the correct circumstances, Kudlow is one of the few Conservatives who can appeal to Democrats (Upstate Conservative Democrats who dislike Schumer) and a Republican launched an Internet petition calling on Kudlow to run, with Chairman Michael Long of the New York Conservative Party signing the petition along with thousands of fellow New Yorkers.

Kudlow should run, because Kudlow can win. Could it be possible to defeat Senator Schumer of all Democrats in New York? Yes, it appears it is now possible, welcome to 2010.

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Luke said...

"Conservatism is the political ideology that states that it is generally a good idea to keep the status quo no matter how fucked up it is. The conservative right holds the world as secondary to church, and only takes reality into account during the short timespan between leaving their driveways and going to the mall "