Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Texting - Conservatism.

American politics is an addition for me, as I am the most informed and Conservative member of all relatives that I know. Well, I received a message this evening from a Sister-In-Law, the back and forth is deserving of national recognition.

Sister-In-Law : U watching Obama?

Me : What the hell do U think?

Sister-In-Law : U should be. Just 2 hear what is going on. Knowledge.

Me : There is a difference between sustained knowledge and political bullshit.

Sister-In-Law : LOL!!!! Ur 2 much!!!!!!!!!!

She is a Conservative Republican, but she has a Patriotic ambition to watch inaugurations and State Of The Union addresses, regardless of political affiliation. I respect that, but I am well aware of Obama's antics and suggestions, no need to disrupt a fine evening.

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Luke said...

"Serbia also did the phenomenal achievement of starting 4 wars in 8 years and cowardly needing help in them all. Serbia went into the wars owning a lot of land, and came out owning less. Serbia's main exports are dead Shqiptars(Albanians), anal lube, mail-ordered brides,gay pride supporters, and genocidal maniacs."

Surfers paradise said...

True conservatives remain true to the ideas of personal freedom, limited government, strong military, personal responsibility, lower taxes, and the entrepreneurial spirit of capitalism.