Thursday, January 28, 2010

Racist Liberal!

While recapping the State of the Union address, MSNBC's Chris Matthews says of President Obama, "I forgot he was black tonight, for an hour."

Conservatives are not racist. We look at the issues, agendas and politics of the hour in a political sense, not a racial sense. I notice a difference in opinion amongst our ideological counterparts, as well documented by Chris Matthews RACIST comment last night. I wonder if Matthews will be fired like Don Imus was?

Also, from what I have been reading on our fellow Conservative blogs, Obama's speech was a bust last night, incorrect and inaccurate as usual. Obama attacked President Bush, the Supreme Court, and Republicans, while ignoring the opinion of millions of Americans - declaring his continued pursuit for government run health care.

I'm glad I did not watch the speech last night, because I would have screamed at the television for an hour. That's the reason I left the aftermath discussion to thousands of Conservative bloggers who can better deal with idiots. Unlike me.

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1 comment:

Luke said...

"Conservatism is the political ideology that states that it is generally a good idea to keep the status quo no matter how fucked up it is. The conservative right holds the world as secondary to church, and only takes reality into account during the short timespan between leaving their driveways and going to the mall / dropping the kids off at football practice, during which a slew of bible passages and repressive emotional responses hard-coded into them since childhood shields them from any information that would conflict with their worldview, ie anything that causes one to think."