Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heading to the polls.

Update #2 -

1. I guarantee the weather will not impact Scott Brown's campaign or voter turnout, because his entire campaign is dedicated, diehard and pumped up. I will guarantee the weather will have an impact on Coakley supporters, because their support is weak to begin with, and a good excuse will remove their involvement with the drowning campaign.

2. The website owner and operator of www.kennedyseat.com, will not release who he voted for, until the polls are closed, due to his appreciation for neutral reporting. Kudos to him.

Update #1 -

DaTechguy has voted in support of Scott Brown, voter turnout remains steady despite slick roads, and there is just one brave soul holding a campaign sign outside the precinct, a Scott Brown supporter. Expect more updates through out the morning and afternoon.


Original article -

As I write this, millions of voters are traveling across Massachusetts to drop their kids off at school, to begin a full morning and afternoon of work, and to vote in one of the most important elections of this upcoming decade. Including the millions who are heading to the polls this morning, afternoon, and evening, are close relatives of mine, who three weeks ago were not voting in this election, however, after the momentum of Scott Brown uplifted their spirits, along with nudges from one Conservative Republican blogger, Scott Brown will have two additional votes.

Jumping in Pools will have extensive and exclusive coverage of the Massachusetts election, as millions of voters head to the polls, Scott Brown awaits the results this evening, and the Democratic candidate is bound to screw up again. We are also asking, besides the occasional visit to Jumping in Pools through out the afternoon and evening, for all Brown voters to send us an email, so we can let the world know what the feeling on the ground is.

Please send emails to aaaabraves@yahoo.com

Remember, this is one of the most important elections of the upcoming decade, as we can stop the radical socialistic democratic agenda with just one election, please head out to the polls and vote for Scott Brown, this is where it counts. The weeks of blogging, advertisements, polling data and debates mean nothing this evening, just your votes.

Also, according to a poll on http://www.kennedyseat.com/, 48% of voters believe Scott Brown will win, 49% of voters believe Martha Coakley will win, and 1% of voters believe Joe Kennedy will win, the closest I have seen a poll asking this question, and it is located on a pure Massachusetts website covering the election.

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Cheat codes said...

The results, if any, that we see on the 4th are nothing more than "exit poll" results, with a margin of error... the actual count is done later, usually by the 15th of December.