Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interscholastic sports for Homeschooled students in New York?

Full disclosure - I reside in Senator Seward's district and I have supported his previous campaigns.

During a recent exchange of emails with Senator James Seward (Republican/Conservative/Independence Parties - 51st Senatorial district), he indicated his support of proposed Senate legislation that would allow home schooled children to participate in interscholastic sports, something that is prohibited under current education law in New York.

This is not surprising to me, as Senator Seward has long advocated the involvement of home schooled children in interscholastic sports, including legislation he co-sponsored with former Senator (and former Congressman) Kulh to do just that, several years ago.

Under the current law, if Tim Tebow was a resident of New York during his high school years, he would've been denied participation in interscholastic sports, due to him being home schooled, despite the fact his parents would've been paying land and school taxes.

S6350 was introduced sometime over the current legislative session, as State Senator William Stachowski (Democratic/Conservative/Working Families Parties - 58th Senatorial district) is the lone sponsor of this legislation as of this afternoon, however, Senator Seward has signaled his support for the home school athletics legislation if it reaches the Senate floor, but he also acknowledged the main problem in passing such legislation is in the Assembly.

The above mentioned law would allow home schooled athletes to participate in interscholastic sports, something that I missed out on. Being a product of homeschooling..... meant settling for Babe Ruth and American Legion baseball for a few months out of the year, instead of joining the local high school team in baseball, football or even basketball, but we can change that for future generations.

Senator's Seward and Stachkowski (though a Democrat, a pro-homeschooling Republican should run for office) are on our side, now we need 30 additional Senators to be on our side as well. If we can work hard on this legislation, perhaps a local injustice can be corrected and more superstar's such as Tim Tebow can be discovered.

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