Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does Glenn Beck want Obama's agenda to succeed?

I have long been a Glenn Beck fan, before I was a fan of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Mark Levin. However, Glenn Beck is starting to enter a phase of political nonsense that a commonsense Conservative cannot and will not follow. With the explosion of Scott Brown's campaign in Massachusetts, the real Glenn Beck was unveiled.

Almost all of the Conservative talk show hosts in America were advocating for Scott Brown's campaign during the final weeks because the political and legislative consequences of a Republican winning in Massachusetts on health care would send aftershocks across America's political landscape.

Glenn Beck was absent, deciding to do his usual "Progressives are on both sides, Democrats and Republicans are both evil, we need to educate ourselves" rant of the hour, ignoring the truth of the matter: Scott Brown is not an evil progressive. He is well educated and he represents the 41st vote against health care, as well as card check legislation, which all but me have forgotten about.

When the Massachusetts Senate election was held, Scott Brown defeated his Democratic opponent by 100,000 votes, and won several counties. When Barack Obama won all counties during the Presidential election in 2008, Conservatives across America erupted because we're well aware of what it means for this nation of ours; we have enough votes to protect our freedoms.

What does Glenn Beck do? He goes on the offensive against Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts, resorting to liberal Democratic tactics he is known for speaking against. Perhaps it depends on the political opponent in the eyes of Glenn Beck. "I want his every move watched in Washington. I don’t trust this guy…This one could end with a dead intern. I’m just saying, it could end with a dead intern.” These are the actual words of Glenn Beck on his radio show a few mornings ago about Senator-elect Scott Brown. He also attacked Brown on his comment about one of his daughters being available (which the sane individual can tell was a joke and planned between Brown and his younger daughter).

Glenn Beck does not advocate Conservatism in the ballot box, Glenn Beck does not advocate a strong Republican alternative, Glenn Beck does not call on his viewers to take strong action against the liberalism of the hour, but he suggests we educate ourselves. For what? Shouldn't our immediate goal be focused on removing our political enemies out of power.

The worse the situation gets for America, the better it gets for Glenn Beck. Perhaps, that is the reason he would not support Scott Brown, and continues to trash the Republican, because Scott Brown is the 41st vote against piles of Democratic legislation, removing the need of Glenn Beck, and his Isolationist utopia.

Does Glenn Beck want Obama's agenda to succeed? I have no idea. However, he is doing nothing to help the Conservative movement STOP IT. Doesn't that lead to the same result, Democratic victories on health care, cap & trade, card check legislation and much more? Is that what Glenn Beck wants? Because his political power, whether it be small or large, is dedicated on his agenda, not defeating our political enemies and their agenda.

Also, I have a brief interview I conducted with Dan Riehl (spelt it right), about Glenn Beck and the Conservative movement, remember to visit

Tim Knight - Mr.Riehl - From Glenn Beck's rant on re-enlistment to his "dead interns" comment on Scott Brown, what has happened to this once bright Conservative star?
Dan Riehl - Beck has never been a conservative star. He was always a would be radio star looking to find out where the audience was. Having failed in music, he's found a new market to exploit with the same old shtick.
Tim Knight - Mr.Riehl - We have Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, even Michael Savage realize what needs to be done, we need a strong GOP to defeat the radical nature of our Democratic opponents, is Glenn Beck a dunce or does he have an ulterior motive?
Dan Riehl - I'm blissfully short on knowledge of Savage. For better or worse, Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity have American conservatism as their passion. Their popular media personalities grew up around that. Beck was a media personality in short of a dress to wear to the prom. Obviously it doesn't fit him all that well, but the market for additional voices in right side media was so large, he's bee able to get by with help from his agent and PR team.
Tim Knight - Mr.Riehl, While the entire Conservative blogosphere, talk radio circuit and millions of Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents alike were celebrating the election of Scott Brown, Glenn Beck couldn't wait to attack our bright new hope on trivial things. Is Glenn Beck revealing a liberal side of things or does a strong 41st voice against government run health care, hurt Glenn Beck in the longrun?
Dan Riehl - Scott Brown as a media phenomenon wasn't about Glenn Beck. He had no real role in the thing. He needed one to get into the headlines, which is always his primary goal. SO, he found a way in, by playing the contrarian. There's nothing new in it, it's an oft employed device of the showman and the clown. Beck being a bit of both, it was a predictable move.

Nothing will hurt Beck over the long run except Glen Beck. It won't take any more than that. His star has already started to fade. He won't last. I doubt we'll even be talking much about him by 2012. If Hillary, or a moderate Democrat emerges to challenge Obama and takes the nomination, Beck may just as easily be supporting them, or running some Pat Paulson form of his own campaign. Once you see Beck as an entertainer, as opposed to a political force, I think it's fairly easy to understand his every move.

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lgstarr said...

The actual information that Beck has provided night after night about the financial situation, the history of Progressives in America, and the specific backgrounds of people like Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, and others has been extremely valuable, made palatable enough to inform a large number of people in a short period of time, and not readily available anywhere else in such a digestible form. That's why my husband and I watch him every night. I don't agree with his comments and attidude about Scott Brown or that we should have a third party (and I say that as a former Libertarian who ran for State Senate). I also adore Mark Levin and we listen everyday...but I thought it was way beneath him to carp on and on about Glenn Beck's books, is educational status, etc.

M. Bouffant said...

Once you see Beck as an entertainer, as opposed to a political force, I think it's fairly easy to understand his every move.

But your side's excuse for these clowns has for so long been, "Oh, but Limbaugh, etc., they're just entertainers!"

Changing the story a bit?

Keep it up w/ the "common sense conservative" delusional paranoia, please!!

Daezy said...

I like it! Like many, I found Beck in my search for knowledge and focus on the feelings exploding in my gut during the summer of '08.

I jumped on his bandwagon, but in the last several months, it has become apparent his ego has gotten in the way and he has become intolerable, and could very well become dangerous to the TEA Party movement.