Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blogging sucks - When it comes to the greenbacks.

Back when I worked for The Washington Times, I was somewhat naive about the online revenue model. In 2007, I got together in California with several bloggers — including Ace of Spades, Jeff Goldstein, Little Miss Attila and Dr. Rusty Shackleford – and heard them discussing the “blog-o-bucks.” No hard numbers were disclosed and I couldn’t tell whether this was just the usual shoptalk or what.

Well, dear brothers and sisters, when I finally cut loose in 2008, I learned. It’s hard out here for pimp.

There’s a reason that most bloggers have day jobs to pay the bills. You might have noticed that Professor Glenn Reynolds hasn’t told the University of Tennessee Law School to “take this job and shove it.”

That’s what we call a clue, Sherlock.

- RS McCain,

I'll agree with that, blogging is great - writing is a great passion, politics is like an addiction, being involved in campaigns is awesome and rewarding, but blogging also sucks - flame wars, liberal commenter's and little fiscal reward, except for the occasional afternoon when 5,000 Americans visit the site, which is rare.

I'll also have to admit, fiscal reward is higher amongst our blogger cousins in the sports world, because websites have dedicated followers who discuss the sports of the hour, along with advertisers who are pleased with reaching 200 folks - for 10 bucks. Sports revenue was also low, lower than it is now, but the potential was higher.

Enough whining for now, because there are games to prepare for, fellow Jet fans to talk with and political articles to write, but I do have a warning for all potential "money hungry" bloggers out there, brace yourselves..............and wear a cup.

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Anonymous said...

You got that right. Blogging is like being a cop; if your doing either for the money or glory your going to have a nasty surprise.

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Cheat codes said...

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