Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The People's Seat:" The Rallying Cry of a Nation

As confetti fell from the ceiling at Scott Brown's campaign headquarters, murmurs of "the People's seat" could be heard from the crowd. Indeed, it was this saying that defined Senator-elect Brown's campaign.

Uttered as a rebuke to a question during a debate, "the People's seat" struck a cord with millions of Americans. From the shores of the Atlantic in Massachusetts, to the fields of Wisconsin, on to the forests of California, this phrase has reverberated.

But it is not an empty campaign slogan. It is not a "Yes We Can," in which a Presidential candidate promises to do whatever he wants, but with the people's vote. No, it is "the People's seat." When in office, Brown will do what the people want.

It is even more than that, though. It is a defining moment in the biggest upset in American political history. It is the people saying: "Do what we want, or you are gone." It is a wake up call to incumbent Democrats pushing corrupted health care. It is a call to the RINOs of these United States that it is a privilege to serve us, not a privilege for us to have them.

The People have realized that indeed every seat in politics belongs to us and only us. We make the decisions, the politicians follow.

And that is what Scott Brown has done. He has taught us this lesson and he has woken us up. Hopefully we will not go to sleep again.

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