Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oregonians vote to increase taxation.

What is wrong with people?

54% of Oregonians voted to increase government taxation on wealthier individuals, businesses and corporations, bucking a recent trend of Pacific states rejecting such proposals, including California and Seattle. This will result in hundreds of millions of dollars being sucked out of the pockets of wealthier individuals and businesses to deal with a ever increasing government and budget in Oregon.

I guarantee thousands upon thousands of Oregonians will lose their jobs over this vote, as successful citizens will have less of their hard earned income to spend, while businesses and corporations will have to compensate for their losses - raising the price of goods and firing employees.

The citizens of Oregon just screwed all possible financial hopes in that state.

There is one bright side to this vote, more Oregonians voted against tax increases on corporations than on private individuals, or is that worse? It's bad all around, as taxation has been levied once again on the American business, the American corporation and the average American in general.

Worse enough, American citizens approved these taxes with their valuable votes, a slap in the face to our Founding Fathers, who once fought a war over unjust taxation, what a disgraceful morning to be an American citizen, in a nation that now supports retroactive taxation.

What is wrong with people? Have we lost our minds. It's bad enough our elected representatives disrespect our hard earned incomes, but now our fellow citizens are doing likewise, disgusting.

Measure 66 (increased taxation on Individuals) passed 54.0 - 46.0%.
Measure 67 (increased taxation on businesses and corporations) passed 53.4 - 46.6%.

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Anonymous said...

Since when were such socialist policies enforced in the USA? Look for and monitor the exodus of businesses, jobs and people to more sensible states. Who will be left in Oregon? Academics and welfare queens!

African Moondog

Luke said...

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