Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's next for Conservative bloggers?

What's next for the Conservative blogosphere and Conservative bloggers?

The previous twelve months have been phenomenal, as the Conservative blogosphere has exposed the hidden dangers of proposed Democratic legislation, the radical appointees and nominees of the Obama administration, ACORN as a criminal organization, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs as a progressive mouthpiece, while promoting the campaigns of Doug Hoffman, David Harmer, Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie and Scott Brown.

What could the future hold for Conservatives in coming months? It's hard to believe we could match or overcome the successes of 2009, however, with eleven months of guaranteed Democratic control in both Houses of Congress, Barack Obama as President and MSNBC still afloat, we'll have enough material to please our readers.

The Conservative blogosphere also witnessed the explosion of Senator Jim DeMint (R) to a national spokesmen of Conservative ideals, Sarah Palin succeed beyond all expectations and the former leader of the 1994 Conservative Republican revolution fall to a point of supporting "Dede" Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman.

The Other McCain, Legal Insurrection, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, The Daily Caller, among other sites launched to fame and success in the Conservative blogosphere and new media, while Michelle Malkin, Matt Drudge, Jonah Goldberg and other Conservative leaders in the blogosphere gained increasing influence.

Back to the original question of this article, what's next for Conservative bloggers?

The Conservative Political Action Conference will be holding their annual meeting of Conservative politicians, leaders, thinkers, candidates and bloggers on February 18th-20th in Washington.

Florida's 19th congressional district will be holding a special election on April 13th, as Congressman Wexler resigned from Washington a few weeks ago, due to personal reasons, a strong Conservative Republican candidate in Edward Lynch has announced his campaign and Jumping in Pools interviewed him a few weeks ago.

Hawaii's 1st congressional district will be holding a special election in May, as Congressman Abercrombie will be resigning to seek the Democratic nomination in the upcoming Gubernatorial election, a prominent Republican has announced his intentions to seek election, but his success depends on the two Democratic candidates killing one another.

Until, the November elections, we'll have to deal with the above mentioned conferences and elections, political scandals from Washington, continued attempts to socialize the United States of America, and the growing threat from Iran, while watching Israel with great concern and angst.

As for me, I wish attending the Conservative Political Action Conference was a option, however, I'll have to settle with a personal ambition of writing a political oriented book, perhaps this could be the year, I publish a book? Who knows.

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Harrison said...

It's easy to be a Conservative blogger when the Democrats are running the show. The true test will be what happens when the Republicans are in power.