Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jets vs. Colts.

It might be hard to imagine, but I was a full time sports lover and blogger before joining the ranks of the Conservative blogosphere, considering all I do is write politics all the time, with exception to the BCS Championship, which I predicted Texas would win, and I was wrong.

Whether you're a sports fan or not, this afternoon will feature one of the most interesting games I have seen a while, the New York Jets taking on the Indianapolis Colts. Some, might argue the Colts are going to beat the hell out of the Jets, however, some have forgotten week 16, when the Jets defeated the Colts.

Though, Indianapolis rested all of their starters in the third quarter, New York was trailing by just three points when the switch was made and one Colts touchdown was the result of a tripping penalty by the Jets defense, leaving the game a lot closer than some would like to admit.

Sports media is closely related to political media, as their prejudices and biased opinions are well recognized, however, the sports media predicted a Jets loss in week 16, the Wild card round and the Divisional round, guess who's still in the running for the Super Bowl? Not the Bengals. Not the Chargers. But, the New York Jets are.

Looking back to Super Bowl 3, the entire football world was betting against the New York Jets in favor of the Baltimore Colts, with increased emphasis after Joe Nameth guaranteed a Jets win, impossible was the mindset, that a member of the American Football League could defeat the noble National Football League, but we all know what happened.

Decades later, the teams are in similar positions, as the Jets are once again the underdogs and the Colts are once again the favorites. All football "wizkids" should be predicting a Colts slaughter this afternoon, however, the Jets have won once in Indianapolis, regardless of the circumstances, they're hungry for a Super Bowl and their defense is stronger than it ever has been.

The Jets will win. The Jets will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. The New York Jets will once again shock the world, as only they could.


Also, just a warning for political diehards, Jets winning AFC Championship = daily articles about the Jets in the Super Bowl, their chances in the Super Bowl, trashing the opposing team and more hits from JetNation than The Other McCain. That's just life, I have never seen the Jets come this far, and I will not remain silent!

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