Monday, January 25, 2010

Canada is becoming Conservative? Alert the Media!

A new Angus Reid public opinion survey reveals more conservative tendencies about Canada than we previously believed we had. 62% of respondents would support capital punishment for murderers, and even one in three would agree to put rapists to death.


Amazing, Canada is becoming tough on crime, while America is becoming weak on crime. Is this the new Canada and American political landscapes? I think not, because 84% of Americans would support death for murderers and 62% of Americans also favor death for rapists, interesting indeed.

However, America paroled both of the women who attempted to assassinate President Ford, which troubles me, considering the America of old would punish such scum to death, instead of releasing them into the public, regardless of age or circumstances.

Let us also remember, Canada took a stronger stance against Iran when the United Nations met, taxation has been decreased on the populace and gun laws are endangered of being overturned, perhaps our neighbors to the North are sick of draconian laws and progressives, I hope we can learn from their mistakes, before we suffer the same fate.

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paladin3001 said...

Speaking as a Canadian, you have to realize that our Conservative party is just a little to the right of the Democrats. Still there is some good news, as well as some bad news. Harper currently is tied in polls with the Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff. That's not a good thing. Hopefully we can keep the Liberanos out of power just a little bit longer so that our economy improves.