Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seattle defeated a tax, will Oregon do likewise?

53% of Seattle citizens voted against a "plastic bag tax" last August, bucking a historic trend of supporting taxation on their own wallets, while exposing the frustration of Americans across the land over government taxation on our hard earned incomes. It was amazing to soak in the "plastic bag" tax defeat, considering Seattle is one of the liberalist cities in America.

As I write this, citizens across the state of Oregon are voting on a massive tax increase, one that will increase taxation on individuals making over $125,000, business owners making over $250,000 and corporations making over $500,000, stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from hard working folks and businesses, during the worst recession in decades. Not to mention, the taxation will be retroactive.

According to a local newspaper in Oregon, The Oregonian, that has been covering the tax vote for weeks, over 1 million Oregon citizens or 50.2% of all registered voters in Oregon have casted a ballot on the taxation increases, with strong turnout in counties that supported Senator McCain's Presidential bid in November of 2008, good news for earners in Oregon.

I encourage all Oregon voters who have not yet voted, to vote "No" on measure 66 and measure 67, because the draconian taxation of big government liberals, has to end. The hard earned incomes of Individuals, Businesses and Corporations must be protected from government influence, because we're all next, in one form or another - government must cut back their waste, not our hard earned monies.

I am confident Oregon will vote down these tax increases, the polls close at 8PM, please vote against these measures, because a loud message will be sent to wasters across America, we're not gonna take it.....

Watch the results tonight - http://gov.oregonlive.com/taxes/

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