Tuesday, January 26, 2010

McCain Not Going Down Without a Fight

Politico has an interesting article about the primary between incumbent GOP Senator and former Congressman JD Hayworth. Hayworth, a former member of the House, has decided to challenge the veteran Arizona lawmaker.

But McCain isn't going down without a fight. Many have noted that Hayworth lost his reelection bid in 2000 as an incumbent and hasn't run since. Hayworth just quit his job as a radio talk show host to run for the seat.

No one really knows who will win. Stakes are on McCain right now, who has a lot to prove.

We're siding with McCain on this one. Hayworth may be more conservative, but he's too bombastic and argumentative. He's voted for massive pork-barrel spending and was cozy with convicted felon Jack Abramoff.

McCain's got Scott Brown and Sarah Palin in his corner. He's a war hero and one of the finest pro-America Senators out there right now. He's good on spending and very good on defense, the top two Republican platforms. Hayworth doesn't measure up.

And to those who say that McCain got his chance, he sure did. But that shouldn't stop him from winning again. If Hayworth gets the GOP nomination, especially in a close fight, he will likely lose the general election, giving the Dems an extra seat.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Talk to some folks out here in Arizona before your next comment on McCain. Mr. Maverick is not well liked here by conservatives, and though he talks alot he is not, as you stated, strong on defense. Plus he's in favor of amnesty for illegals. That alone should be enough to send him out to pasture.