Monday, January 25, 2010

Congressman Pence leads in Indiana.

This is no longer a pipe dream, winning Indiana is now possible.

Senator Bayh has been apart of Indiana politics for decades, from Governor for two terms to Senator for another two terms, however, the liberal policies of President Obama and Senator Bayh has caused a political revolt in Indiana, leading to one Republican Congressman, questioning his immediate future.

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana's 6th congressional district, is a well respected Conservative Republican legislator, who represents the Conservative movement well, even to the point of attending a massive 9/12 Project protest that was held in Washington, along with Senator DeMint of South Carolina who was also present.

Pence is a well known advocate of tax cuts, a strong national defense and broadcaster freedom on the airwaves, while opposing the closure of Gitmo, horrific economic proposals and government run health care. The American Conservative Union rewarded Pence's legislative work, with a outstanding 100% rating in 2008.

With the November congressional elections just a few months away, Rasmussen Reports has been polling numerous Senatorial elections, and the results from Indiana are surprising, considering Senator Bayh is a well known figure in Indiana politics. Another sign of the times.

According to 800 likely voters in a potential match up of Senator Bayh and Congressman Pence, 47% would support Congressman Pence, 44% would support Senator Bayh (he won his last election with over 60% support, rare for a Indiana Democrat), and 10% are unsure or favor another candidate.

Keep in mind, Congressman Pence hasn't declared his intentions for the 2010 Senate race, I have a feeling this poll could persuade the popular Congressman to run, while handing Senate Republicans another seat. Another seat closer to retaking the United States Senate, an impossible dream a few months ago.

The great news is continuing to come in on a regular basis, as Republicans are looking good in North Dakota, Delaware, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arkansas, California and Colorado, while Republican seats in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky appear to be safe, after initial suspicion was dreadful.

I hope Congressman Pence runs for the United States Senate, because it will hand our brethren another crucial seat in stopping Obama's radical agenda.

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