Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarah Palin enters Massachusetts race.

With millions of Massachusetts voters heading to the polls, one of the most important elections of the decade coming to an eventual close this evening, and the chance of stopping all Democratic legislation once and for all.

Conservatives have been watching the election with interest, following the latest campaign news over the past few weeks, and shouting Scott Brown's name to all Massachusetts voters who can hear, however, one of the leading individuals in the Conservative movement has been quiet on the Massachusetts election, until last night.

Governor Sarah Palin, who has become a bestselling author with the release of Going Rogue, has remained on the political sidelines during the much anticipated Senate election in Massachusetts, until she tweeted her support of Scott Brown last night to over 50,000 followers, raising more questions than answering.
MA Senate Race: here's hoping Mr. Brown goes to Washington...in a pick-up truck,no less!MA pls vote tomrrw & elect a hardworking independent. - Sarah Palin, http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

Sarah Palin's facebook page has over 1.2 million followers compared to 50 thousand followers on her twitter page, wouldn't she call on 1.2 million Sarah Palin fans to support Scott Brown, instead of 50,000 fans? This confuses me, because Scott Brown is the leading Conservative candidate and cause in the United States, and one of the leaders in the Conservative Republican movement has been ignoring the election, then appeals on the night before the election to 50,000 fans instead of 1.2 million fans in support of Scott Brown.

I am not sure what Governor Palin's motives are, however, I am glad she did enter the election in one form or another, I just hope Scott Brown receives enough votes this afternoon to win one of the most important elections of the decade, because we need his 41st vote in the United States Senate, more than ever.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Brown is a Republican, running on the Republican ticket, and NOT an Independent. Another day, another lie from Sarah Palin...

jeff said...

Governor Palin actually endorsed Scott Brown to 4 Million viewers on O'Reilly 8 days ago and probably caught hell from the same douchebags running the RNC that told the media they "didn't want her help and to stay away" from the Bob McDonnell campaign. Forgive me. I meant to say, according to Fox News and the RNC and the GOP, the wonderful, glorious, picture of perfection, Bob McDonnell.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Palin know who endorsement could be the kiss of death in MA. It's not exactly Middle America.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't she write it on Facebook?

She doesn't write those posts. She pays someone else to.

Oh and careful not to count all her followers as fans. That's like saying everyone who wants who to run for President wants her to win. Uh,no.......

Anonymous said...

Palin will have top move over for Brown. I think he will be the new face. A winner. 71 percent of Americans don't want Sarah in a political capacity.