Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is all card check legislation, dead on arrival?

Recently, unions have switched the focus of their organizing operations from private balloting to publicly signed cards. These so-called card-check campaigns make it much easier for unions to organize workers, but most companies strongly resist the idea of denying their employees a vote. Unions now want the government to take away workers' right to vote and certify unions after only a card-check campaign. The Employee Free Choice Act would do this and more.

- Heritage Foundation.

All unionization legislation proposed in the 111th United States Congress might be dead as we speak, as all members of the current Republican caucus in the United States Senate are opposed to "card check" legislation, while the eventual arrival of Senator-elect Scott Brown, should kill the horrific legislation once and for all.

During the 110th United States Congress, when George Bush was still President, Senate Democrats attempted a cloture vote on card check legislation, however, 48 members of the Republican caucus voted against ending debate, 50 members of the Democratic caucus voted for the debate to be closed, while Senator Specter was the lone Republican in favor of the legislation, and Senator Johnson (D - South Dakota) was absent.

Needing 60 votes to secure cloture is a requirement in the Senate, with 41 Republican Senators opposed to the legislation, even Senators Snowe and Collins of Maine are on our side, the largest agenda item of congressional Democrats and unions across America, is dead on arrival.

Besides the well known fact, Massachusetts voters elected a Republican to the United States Senate, one that will stand with us on fiscal legislation. Democratic attempts to raise costs for American businesses, while allowing unionization to increase, in addition to the destruction of the secret ballot, is not a political agenda the American public will support.

With the election of Scott Brown, our elected Republican Senators can now stop legislation, continue debate and force the American people to take action, in the voting booths during the November elections. It should also encourage our Republican candidates and activists to work harder, because we cannot allow our candidates to be 500 votes ahead, after Minnesota Democrats stole the election for Al Franken.

In conclusion, Senator-elect Scott Brown, is brightening our hopes on a regular basis as more legislation is discovered, that we can now stop. I would like to offer a thanks to the voters of Massachusetts, because time tested freedoms and rights, along with traditions and values, might have been saved with the election of Scott Brown, including a workers right to a secret ballot.

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