Saturday, January 23, 2010

Interview with Dan Riehl.

Dan Riehl's interview with Jumping in Pools, on Glenn Beck deserves its' own post, because we are talking to one of the largest members of the Conservative blogosphere. This is interview 53 in our on-going series.
Tim Knight - Mr. Riehl - From Glenn Beck's rant on re-enlistment to his "dead interns" comment on Scott Brown, what has happened to this once bright Conservative star?
Dan Riehl - Beck has never been a conservative star. He was always a would be radio star looking to find out where the audience was. Having failed in music, he's found a new market to exploit with the same old shtick.
Tim Knight - Mr. Riehl - We have Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, even Michael Savage realize what needs to be done, we need a strong GOP to defeat the radical nature of our Democratic opponents, is Glenn Beck a dunce or does he have an ulterior motive?
Dan Riehl - I'm blissfully short on knowledge of Savage. For better or worse, Limbaugh, Levin and Hannity have American conservatism as their passion. Their popular media personalities grew up around that. Beck was a media personality in short of a dress to wear to the prom. Obviously it doesn't fit him all that well, but the market for additional voices in right side media was so large, he's bee able to get by with help from his agent and PR team.
Tim Knight - Mr.Riehl, While the entire Conservative blogosphere, talk radio circuit and millions of Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents alike were celebrating the election of Scott Brown, Glenn Beck couldn't wait to attack our bright new hope on trivial things. Is Glenn Beck revealing a liberal side of things or does a strong 41st voice against government run health care, hurt Glenn Beck in the longrun?
Dan Riehl - Scott Brown as a media phenomenon wasn't about Glenn Beck. He had no real role in the thing. He needed one to get into the headlines, which is always his primary goal. SO, he found a way in, by playing the contrarian. There's nothing new in it, it's an oft employed device of the showman and the clown. Beck being a bit of both, it was a predictable move.

Nothing will hurt Beck over the long run except Glen Beck. It won't take any more than that. His star has already started to fade. He won't last. I doubt we'll even be talking much about him by 2012. If Hillary, or a moderate Democrat emerges to challenge Obama and takes the nomination, Beck may just as easily be supporting them, or running some Pat Paulson form of his own campaign. Once you see Beck as an entertainer, as opposed to a political force, I think it's fairly easy to understand his every move.

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Kevin J. Dolan said...

Beck doesn't jump on the band wagon and accept the idea that anything goes as long as my team is doing it. He was ecstatic that Obama has been dealt a critical blow. His comment was the Brown, who posed nude as a college student and was now soliciting his daughters coast to coast seemed like he could be a liability. He was just suggesting that we shouldn't tie-up to him just yet. The reference to the interns was a humorous way of suggesting that he is a bit of a "wild and a Crazy Guy! Sure Beck is prude. He thinks that posing nude is wrong, and you shouldn't may make gestures that make to look like you're trying to get your daughters laid. Just because he won and that is good, doesn't mean you can't take exception to anything about the man. I was uncomfortable with his comments too. I'm thrilled about the message and what it does to the political ecosystem. Never the less I don't know what this guy is made of yet and Beck's observations were dead on target.
Kevin Dolan
Katy TX