Saturday, January 23, 2010

To those who linked Jumping in Pools 6.

Seven reasons that Theodore Roosevelt is the coolest President ever, linked our article on the awesomeness of Theodore Roosevelt.

Linking interview, linked their interview with Jumping in Pools earlier in the week, helping all sides on exposure, we appreciate the linking, and don't hesitate to do so again in the future.

Obama's incompetence, linked our article on Barack Obama's earlier debates in the Illinois Senate, we appreciate it.

New York Republicans have Brown fever? and, believe our post was good enough to warrant linkage, we thank both of them.

Jumping in Pools is moving on up., linked our article on Jumping in Pools moving on up in the Technorati ratings.

Brown - Coakley graph on polls,, and, all linked Jumping in Pools during the heat of the Senate election, we thank all of them.

Senate race - internal polls. and , linked our article on Scott Brown and Martha Coakley in the polls.

New York Young Republicans in Massachusetts, linked our article on the Young Republican invasion of Massachusetts, we thank Elizabeth Benjamin's blog on the website, for doing so.

Obama effect on polls., linked our election day post on Obama's effect on Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, and predicted a 8% Brown win, however, Obama's visit had no effect what so ever.

To those who linked us, thanks. To those who didn't, it's your loss.

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