Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congressman Blunt pulls ahead in Missouri.

2010 Missouri Senatorial election

Congressman Roy Blunt (R) - 49%.
Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D) - 43%.
Some other candidate - 3%.
Not sure - 5%.

Congressman Blunt has roared into the lead in a recent Rasmussen Reports opinion poll, after trailing his Democratic opponent 46-44% during a previous Rasmussen Reports poll. Opposition to health care is fueling Blunt's political fortunes, as 62% of Missouri voters oppose the legislation under consideration in the United States Congress, including 50% of Missouri voters who strongly oppose the legislation.

After the political earthquake in Massachusetts, Republican candidates across America are upbeat, as Congressman Kirk is running google advertisements, claiming "Illinois can be the next blue state", Bruce Blakeman has launched his campaign in New York in hopes of reproducing the Scott Brown campaign, and Marco Rubio is also discussing the Massachusetts election in regards to his own battle in Florida.

Congressman Blunt is seeking to replace Senator Bond in the United States Senate, Bond is a well known Conservative Republican, who has received the honor of being slammed on Little Green Footballs, while remaining a target of congressional Democrats. His campaign is running strong, and all financial contributions in support of this great candidate, would be crucial in keeping this seat in Republican hands.

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