Friday, January 1, 2010

Obama weakness - A painful review of 2009.

After months of continuous bombardment, Israeli Defense Forces launched "Operation Cast Lead" to end the continuous rocket strikes into Israeli cities, as well as strike a massive blow into the Hamas terrorists. While the current administration (War started in late December through Mid-January) was supportive of Israel's actions, The Office of the President Elect was silent on the affair, leaving our friends in the Middle East, in the dark.

This should have been a warning for future events to come. President Barack Obama ignored Israel for weeks, not commenting once on the war during his transition period, but his stimulus package would provide for near 1 billion dollars for Hamas. Since that time, we have had several National defense related events in the United States, Afghanistan, and the Indian Ocean, all of which showcased inherent weakness from the new Commander in Chief.

  • When, Somali Pirates attacked an American ship, and took the Captain hostage, Obama did nothing for three days. Adding insult to injury, Obama did not pursue the Pirates/terrorists after the attack.
  • For months, Obama ignored the requests for more troops in Afghanistan, and responded with fewer troops than necessary. Obama spent more time on the destruction of American freedoms, than on the current war. Obama also commented, that he does not like the term "victory".
  • When a terrorist attacked Fort Hood, killing a dozen American soldiers, Obama continued with a planned introduction before addressing the Nation on the attack, than refused to call it as such.
  • When a Nigerian terrorist failed in his attempt to blow up a plane over Detroit, Obama waited until his weekend was over, to have a press conference before the Nation, lasting just six minutes and ignoring the facts in the attack.
For America, last year was one of the worst I can remember. Knowing we have a President who is ignorant on National defense, is not attentive to current wars or knowledgeable on terrorist attacks, I feel unsafe as an American citizen. Considering we have at least another 36 months with him as Commander in Chief, I hope to God all of our enemies fail in their attempts to harm Americans, because I know our supposed Commander in Chief will not react, with our interests in mind.

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Jen06 said...

And what kind of follow-up has there been concerning the Ft. Hood attack? Seems like it never happened unless I am missing any up-dates from somewhere.