Friday, January 15, 2010

All Americans should oppose House Resolution 1007.

Over the past twelve months, I have been following politics, legislation, polls and Conservative blogs like never before, and I have seen some disgusting legislation proposed during that period, however, the worst resolution to ever be written in the United States Congress, was introduced this week.
Commending the University of Alabama for winning the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game.

America has seen low times before, however, to commend the Alabama Crimson Tide on winning the Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game, goes to low for this proud America. Thus, I call on all Americans to oppose H.Res. 1007, because we cannot allow this injustice to prevail in the House of Representatives or the Senate, hasn't there been enough pain?

I'm sure those who are reading this post, are figuring out - I am joking.

Alabama was the better of the two teams, thus Alabama deserves their hour in the hall of Congress, receiving official recognition from elected Representatives across America, and I would tarnish a Representative who dare oppose this resolution.

Some might consider such a resolution a waste of time in Congress, however, considering resolutions such as this prevent actual, destructive legislation from being discussed, we need more of it. Plus, America is still a Capitalistic hard working nation, and those who have worked hard and achieved great success, should be commended on a regular basis.

Also, The Other McCain has written several exclusive articles from Massachusetts, bringing the journalistic efforts of all bloggers to the highest of highs, before writing an article on Scott Brown's favorite sandwich shop,, and linking to an old article on Chelsea Clinton in another post.

Besides that, journalistic efforts amongst Conservative bloggers has never been higher, before being dragged down....

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