Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Critics who Complain that Avatar is "Racist" are Obviously Brain Damaged

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Recently some critics have complained that the new Avatar movie has a "racist agenda." The very fact that they believe this to be true is an amazing testament to their complete incompetence. They claim that it is just another example of the white hero saving the natives.

So to begin, first this is a movie. A movie aimed at entertaining. It may carry a degree of a message about human nature and the missteps of humanity, but more over it is a movie aimed at entertaining and experiencing a new world. But in modern times critics have this deluded idea that they are progressive and intelligent in some way. They like to believe that if they go on these witch hunts for touchy topics in movies it makes them seem educated and cultured, but it has the complete opposite effect. Nowadays you have to carry some intense deep message, entertainment has no room outside of comedy. While those movies are also amazing there are movies strictly for entertainment. The fact that these people watch this movie and they see racism shows a prodigious lack of understanding. They have so drastically missed the point it is just sad.

Second, the very definition of racism is believing one's culture to be superior to another. I mean, did they actually watch the movie? The whole movie is a blasting of how the NATIVE culture is the superior one. It is a constant theme of how the humans or the apparent "whites" are portrayed as stupid and physically fragile. They don't understand and are supposed to represent the darker side of humanity. Their culture is portrayed in a negative light while the native culture is portrayed very positively. The main character has to adopt the native culture to achieve anything. But you look at it how you want and despite all the facts the main character is white so it must be racist, right? I mean to watch this movie and claim it's about a white character being superior to the natives takes some pretty severe brain damage or maybe just a lack of any real opinion of your own.

In short, watch a movie for what it is. Stop trying to apply some ridiculous, witch hunting, zealotical template to everything you see because you lack the ability to develop your own sight. If you watch Avatar and you claim racism please get a new job and stop pretending like you know what you are talking about. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I noted the undertones of the "evil capitalist" in the movie but I did not find it distracting. How any normal minded individual could read it as racist however is a testament to the ignorance of some. I enjoyed the movie and have plans to buy the blue-ray when it comes out.

Sirchadthepro said...

I just think its funny when people insult successful movies like avatar. Its going to be the number one movie soon therefore making those critics look like complete and utter idiots.

Harrison said...

The movie is anti-American and anti-Bush, not racist.

Aurelius said...

I'm guessing you had nothing to do at college, so you wrote this! Looks good.