Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delegates invited to Tea Party Convention?

This event is planned for our tea party movement people to have the most representation from across the nation by design. We want local tea party groups to select their best to meet with their peers from across the nation. The local tea party's themselves know who will best represent them, bring the best ideas, and have the most desire to move this process of organizing to the next level.


In a few weeks, Tea Partiers from across America will be heading to Tennessee, for a National Tea Party Convention, which various Republicans will be attending, such as Governor Palin, Congresswoman Bachmann, and Congresswoman Blackburn of Tennessee. This could be seen as good news, however, from the language of the website, it appears another motive could roar its head at this convention.

The convention is seeking local delegates from associated groups and organizations across America, appearing to have the motives of a new political agenda for the popular Tea Parties, motives that could end our chances of retaking the House of Representatives in 2010, and perhaps the White House in 2012.

We must admit a few facts before going forward, as the Tea Party movement is no longer a small organization of a few thousand individuals protesting in Chicago. Tea Parties have grown too strong and influential to be a political movement for much longer. Tea Parties are becoming too large to just be a political organization for advocates. Tea Parties are inviting delegates from local organizations to their upcoming convention.

Tea Partiers will be entering a new political stage, however, will that be as Republicans, or Conservative drifters sabotaging all attempts to defeat Democrats?

With the 2010 congressional elections in November, just ten months from now. Tea Partiers are acting more like political separatists to the Conservative movement, instead of a uniting force against our socialistic democratic counterparts, who we all want to defeat from power. There are numerous political parties who claim "Conservative ideals", however, just one can defeat the Democrats, restore freedom & Capitalism, and guarantee a strong National defense - The Republican Party.

We need a strong and robust opposition to Democratic candidates in November, joining forces as Conservative Republicans dedicated to defeating our political foes, while upholding the United States Constitution should be our desire, not sowing the seeds of political discontent, and failure.

I am fearful of this upcoming convention, because our political agenda, future, and chances of a united Republican opposition against the destructive agenda of the Obama administration, could be in peril.

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Clay Barham said...

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