Saturday, January 2, 2010

Predictions from 2010.

The battle of the wizards of smart, continues.....

Price of gasoline - $3.50
Oil/Barrel - $140
Dow Industrials - 8,500
Gold/oz. -- $1800
Silver/oz. -- $25.00
Jumping in Pools daily readership average - 5,000
President Obama approval - 38% (Its a risk, but health care was toxic in 2009, imagine an election year).
Iran has bomb - No.
Israel attacks Iran - Yes, preventing a bomb (Mike and I, are thinking the same thing.....I'm scared).
Major Obama scandal - Yes, as long as his current administration is in place.
Osama dead or captured - Nope, not a chance with Obama in charge.
Braves 2010 record - 90-72 (whats not to love, Hudson is back to health, we have a good Closer, Glaus, etc.).
World Series Champs - Dodgers.
Super Bowl Champions - Indianapolis Colts.

Additional predictions

Cap & trade legislation will not pass the Senate. Senator Reid will not longer be employed come 2011. Republicans will regain control of the New York Senate and the United States House of Representatives, while changing the Senate format to 56-44 Democrat.

Chairman Wilson will sign the Young Republicans authorization, and the Schoharie County Young Republicans will be accepted into the New York State Young Republicans.

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Harrison said...

Hell gas is already $3.30 for 91 in Kalfornia!