Sunday, January 3, 2010

Republicans almost match Democrats in affiliation.

Great news from a just released poll from Rasmussen Reports.

35.5% of Americans are Democrats.
34.0% of Americans are Republicans.
30.5% of Americans are Unaffiliated.

Democrat affiliation hasn't been this low in years, and while Republican affiliation has remained the same, Unaffiliated voters are on the rise, which could or could not be a good thing.

Consider this post an open thread, what is your opinion of the just released affiliation numbers from Rasmussen Reports?

Rasmussen -

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Matthew Avitabile said...

Looks like the Dems are going to try a 'populist' tack soon

Anonymous said...

I share your optimism but....
the Right is still a bit fractured and healing those cracks won't come soon.

For instance. Look at how Mitt Romney (and Mormons in general) were treated by so-called christians in 2008.

Many still believe in Mitt Romney (even if he wears sacred underwear) but many others think it is a sin to vote for a 'non-christian' Mormon.

Southern Baptist Pastor Bill Keller claims a vote for Romney is a Vote for Satan.

Huckabee (a doctrinally incorrect Arminian who destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas) considers Mormonism EVIL and he is NOT alone. Many of the biggest christian frauds worship Politics not Jesus.

What will Glenn Beck (also a Mormon) and his followers do when Romney is savagely attacked again from the right? They will all vote for a LIBERTARIAN other 3rd party screwball who has NO CHANCE.

And Sarah Palin (whom I adore) is one of those crazy Right Winged Pentacostals that wave thier arms around and talk in strange tounges! And of course she is slandered viciously by over 1/2 of the so-called Christian Right who's lives could turn coal blacker.

I'm sorry. I wish I could be more positive. But all I see is (well deserved because of Liberalism) punishment, judgement, pain and misery coming to a Nation that does what is Evil in the sight of the Lord.