Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scott Brown has fueled New York Republican hopes.

Republican hopes and aspirations are at a boiling point in Massachusetts, as Scott Brown is coasting towards victory in the all important Senate election which will be held Tuesday, Republican candidates are polling well against the unpopular Governor in the upcoming Gubernatorial election, and Republican candidates have announced their intentions to seek elected office across the state, an unusual turn of events in one of the liberalist states in the Union.

New York Republicans are looking at Massachusetts with deep seeded hopes about our electoral prospects in 2010.

Why wouldn't we?

Republicans have candidates announcing their intentions across the state, as New York will have an unprecedented amount of elections in 2010, with all 150 Assembly, 62 Senate, and 29 Congressional seats are up for election, in addition to all statewide and federal seats up for election at the same time. 2010 could be one of the most important election cycles for New York Republicans, as another resounding defeat such as suffered in 2008, could spell the end of all Republican hopes and dreams for decades.

With the inspiring and thus far successful campaign of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the inauguration of Chris Christie in New Jersey, and Republican hopes in New Hampshire & Connecticut, New York Republicans are fired up over our electoral chances in 2010.

Democratic squabbles could fuel the fire and help Republican campaigns during the upcoming elections, as Governor Paterson is highly unpopular, Senator Gillibrand could face a blistering Democratic challenge in the coming primary, Democrats could lose their seats in New York's first, twentieth, twenty-third, and twenty-ninth congressional districts, while the electorate is not please with complete Democratic control over both houses of the state legislature.

Strong candidates, successful fundraising, and discontent with current leadership will not be enough for Republicans, as a united coalition of Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents will have to be established for our hopes and dreams to have a fighting chance in 2010, because if the Massachusetts election does not teach us anything else, a strong coalition of right-of-center individuals will lead the Conservative Republican resurgence.


Republican candidates, organizations, and individuals have been involved in the Massachusetts election, documenting our commitment to electing Conservative minded Republicans to all levels of government, after congressional defeats in New York's 20th and 23rd congressional districts, provided Democrats with a strong enough margin to pass health care in the House of Representatives.

Expect an update later in the afternoon, documenting the involvement of New York Young Republicans in the election efforts for Scott Brown.


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Government Mess said...

Excellent piece sir. If Scott Brown can win this it will send a clear message to every politician that "We the People" will be heard. Keep up the good fight!

The Old Geezer said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you

The Lonely Conservative said...

I'd love to see NY25 go back to a republican. Nobody likes Dan Maffei except his DC supporters.