Friday, January 1, 2010

Scott Brown - Masterful advertisement.

With just a few weeks to the Massachusetts Senate election, the Republican candidate and one of just a few elected Republican legislators in Massachusetts, Scott Brown, is attempting to accomplish what no Republican candidate has succeeded in doing for decades in the state of Massachusetts, election to the United States Senate.

Brown knows he has momentum, as Republicans are behind his campaign one hundred percent, Independents are flocking to Republican campaigns across America (considering 50% of Massachusetts voters are Independents, good news indeed), Democrats are demoralized in Massachusetts, and a recent advertisement is just masterful.

Launching the first campaign advertisement of the Senate election, Scott Brown compared his views on tax cutting to the views of JFK, with ultimate success. While, most have been debating the merits of this advertisement, which are factual and correct, our ideological counterparts on the left have ignored the substance of the advertisement, deciding to attack Brown over a few pictures he posed in decades ago.

One can tell when Democrats are losing a election, their focus is no longer on the issues, but on personal attacks against their opponents. With Scott Brown winning the battle of the blogosphere, and important individuals such as Governor Romney supporting his campaign, this perfect political advertisement is the whip cream on top of a delicious piece of cake.

We can win this election.

Fundraising & Support. Attacking the Massachusetts Executive branch. Promoting Scott Brown.

Those are the steps of success, and with Conservative organizations and politicians beginning to follow the election while supporting Brown's campaign, real momentum can be felt in Massachusetts, even among those who were not planning to vote, but are now.

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