Friday, January 8, 2010

Alabama wins National championship.

Guess what, I was wrong. Alabama defeated the Texas Longhorns 37-21 last night, earning their first National championship in over a decade, and once again documenting how inaccurate I can be when predicting sports (Note - During the first two years of blogging on the Internet, I was 100% focused on sports).

I was right about one thing, Texas did come roaring back in the second half, the freshmen quarterback settled down, and a horrific decision in the late part of the second quarter, cost Texas the National Championship, not to mention Colt McCoy was injured, and the Alabama Crimson Tide have some talent.

This brings me to the worst part of the post. The Other McCain was right, Alabama was the greatest of all the teams last night, and Mark Ingram is the Most Valuable Player of the championship, and the entire season. Politics is the greatest, but watching a few good hours of college football is greater.

In conclusion, congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide for their championship victory, Mark Ingram for his exceptional talents on the field (political science wizkid as well), and to R.S. McCain for schooling the uninformed of Alabama awesomeness. I just hope, the New York Jets can slaughter the Bengals, such as Alabama did to Texas.

Final score from Pasadena, Alabama 37 - Texas 21.

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