Friday, January 8, 2010

Will the National Rifle Association support Scott Brown?

Scott Brown has roared from nothing to something over the past few weeks, as his Republican campaign to become the next United States Senator from Massachusetts, has attracted hundreds if not thousands of volunteers in Massachusetts, unlimited amounts of support from the entire Conservative blogosphere, and millions of Americans across the home of the brave and the land of the free, are watching with angst.

Conservatives are supporting Scott Brown, pro-life organizations are supporting Scott Brown (the better of three evils), fiscal conservative organizations are supporting Scott Brown's campaign, Conservative writers, bloggers, talk show hosts, and politicians are supporting Scott Brown's campaign, however, where is the National Rifle Association?

Scott Brown supports the second amendment, and has a legitimate chance at becoming the next United States Senator from Massachusetts, I would have expected the National Rifle Association to be involved in this race, because another vote for the second amendment, is another vote for freedom.

While most of the Conservative blogosphere has been focusing on Scott Brown being the 41st vote against Obamacare, a staunch opponent of cap & trade, a hard fighting Republican in a deep blue state, the electoral and political consequences of winning in Massachusetts, we need to remember the second amendment. Electing Scott Brown to the United States Senate would be something else, but it would also move us closer to achieving our goals on the second amendment.

I have contacted the National Rifle Association, in hopes of receiving an answer to the utter lack of effort placed in the Brown campaign from America's leading organization for defending the second amendment, I hope the answer indicates an upcoming endorsement of Brown's campaign, however, only time well tell.

Whether or not the National Rifle Association endorses Scott Brown is in the air, but that doesn't change the support of this pro-second amendment American for Brown's campaign, and I suggest all pro-second amendment Americans support Brown's campaign as well.

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Darayvus said...

It's possible the NRA doesn't want to trigger a wave of bogus "anti-crime" ads from the Democrats.