Sunday, January 10, 2010

Banner Change: An Explanation

Starting today, Jumping in Pools will be changing its banner slightly, taking out the picture of a friend of ours. Over the last three months, for whatever reason, this picture has come under attack.

To clear some things up, the picture was of Joe Chicoine, a friend of my brother and I. Here is his Facebook profile, please don't annoy him.

For some reason, people have been attacking him and insulting him. He has been called postulated, a mouth-breather, a fake, a phony, and hungover. Apparently, some assholes have nothing else to do than attack our friend, even after explaining the picture and explaining that he was autistic.

Well, you have gotten your wish. We're taking down the picture, the very one that made him so happy.

This shit disgusts me, quite frankly. So to all that have been spreading rumors about Joe, and this comes from the bottom of my heart, SCREW YOU!

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Southern Man said...

We could,possibly, hunt down the perps and then create a blog post with all of their pictures in it. Each contributor could take turns making "pithy" comments about their looks. Then visitors to the site could do the same. It could be great fun. I know its childish of me but truthfully IDGAF.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Southern Man,
good idea-- unfortunately we know some of who's doing it-- we had a battle two months ago.

Southern Man said...

Nothing rocks like a flame war. I'll boot up my Metallica CD and put on Blackened and we can "Unleash Hell".

Joe C. said...


Michael Avitabile said...

Calm down, Joe. You'll make it.

Harrison said...

Giving in to the terrorists?