Monday, January 4, 2010

Blurring the line between Libertarianism and Conservatism.

With ten months to the 2010 elections, Republicans and Conservatives are gaining momentum like never before, even attracting diehard Libertarians to the cause, and our leading 2012 Presidential candidates are becoming more popular than ever before. As with most if not all momentum builds, some are blurring the lines between a Conservative Republican revolution and a Libertarian Republican overthrow.

While economics is the main focus for the 2010 congressional elections, Conservatives and Libertarians are attempting to take credit for the Capitalistic surge amongst the American electorate, however, none of the above can take credit, considering Conservatives and Libertarians hold the exact same viewpoints on fiscal issues.

There is another twist in this debate, as Americans are becoming small government oriented, which is another issue Conservatives and Libertarians agree on (President Reagan decreased the size of government like none other), in addition to numerous terrorist attacks on the United States over the previous year, National defense has rocketed to an important issue, ending the blur between ideologies.

America has been attacked on the seas (Somali Pirates), America has been attacked on the battlefields (Afghanistan), America has spoiled numerous terrorist attacks in America (Chicago, New York, Dallas), America has been attacked (Ft. Hood terrorist attack), and America has had a failed attack attempted against Detroit. What do all of these terrorist attacks have in common? The weakness of Barack Obama as President, and the insulting nature of refusing to admit the reality of the situation.

America's National defense has also been neutered under Obama's administration, as important functions of the Patriot Act are endangered, Obama is moving forward with idiotic plans to transport terrorists from a secured base in Cuba to Illinois, while holding a civilian trial for the masterminds behind the September eleventh attacks in New York City, and ignored our Generals troop requests for months, than authorized 10,000 fewer troops when his schedule allowed a few minutes for the War in Afghanistan.

Americans disagree with all of the National defense related issues mentioned above (cutting our General short on troops, while setting a timeline for success, which no Commander in Chief has ever done before), not because of a Isolationist Libertarian streak, but because of a Conservative awakening, and a realization of how important the Bush administration tools for success are for America.

For those at home, remember what movement is pushing Republicans towards a 2010 landslide, Conservatism, because as much as we hate liberalism, Isolationist Libertarianism (also remember, as much as Isolationists are Libertarians, not all Libertarians are Isolationists) would push the destruction of our National defense quicker then Obama could ever hope to accomplish in one term.

For the sake of America, I hope Conservatives and Libertarians can build a coalition for retaking the House of Representatives in November, however, the movement will be Conservatism, as National defense can not be ignored, it is to important, that is the defining issue between our ideologies, one that cannot be sacrificed or compromised.

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Anonymous said...

I found this randomly,good job! I totally agree with your idea on the terrorists being transported to Illiois being ubber dangerous. I mean Jesus have you seen your average terrorist? They all have black belts in Karate, can bench press 450Lb's and have extreme communist russia level spy's! They have an incredible chance to get away! Oh and as you know Obama is going to be like " I got this" and not prepare like no other for the movement!
Rock on man keep up with the great blogging,
P.S. Your poll is SO demographically accurate! I had no Idea they were going to probably take back 50 seats! WOW! you should get your own tv show man