Monday, January 4, 2010

Interview: Mike Farmer from Bonzai

Mike Farmer is the chief writer at the libertarian blog Bonzai. This is number 38 in our interview series. According to his site: This site is about libertarian ideas, politics, economics, government, freedom, property rights, entrepreneurship, innovation, objectivty and other such stuff important to humans. I uphold libertarian principles and believe wholeheartedly in minimal government, or no government if it would work -- this blog explains why.

1. Do you consider yourself more of a libertarian or a libertarian conservative? Why?

I consider myself a classical libertarian, individualist, free-thinker, not a conservative in the sense of social conservativism. Although I agree with conservatives who promote limited government and free market principles, I'm dynamic and liberal regarding how people live their lives, as long as they aren't violating the basic individual rights of others.

2. Who did you support in 2008 for President and why?

I sat out in 2008 because I didn't see any candidate worth voting for. Barr was not a good libertarian choice, because of what I consider conservative-statist tendencies.

3. What has been President Obama's biggest achievement in office?

Obama's biggest achievement has been to place a focus on civil liberties. As a nation, we were becoming too willing to trade liberty for security regarding the "War on Terror", so I think it was wise to narrow our war efforts to Al Quaeda and start withdrawing from Iraq.

4. Biggest failure?

Obama's biggest failure has been his unwillingness to fight against corporate welfare and allow large corporations to fail. Obama is a statist and he's creating a new state/corporation alliance and power-structure.

5. What is the best part about running your site?

What I like best about running this site is the ability to express my views and be a part of the national/global conversation. I feel as if I'm participating in a libertarian shift in thinking that is constantly growing.

6. Anything else you'd like to tell folks in internetland?

I am basically a person who believes the State has grabbed too much power and the answers to societal problems lie mainly in the private realm. If government would back off from regulations and central planning, I think we would see a free market much different in the 21st century than the early years of capital formation and growing pains. My site is dedicated to fighting statism and promoting libertarian ideas and the power just beginning to awaken in the private realm.

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Anonymous said...

Libertarian is the way it was meant to be. Oh how far we have strayed.
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