Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bush was focused.

September eleventh changed the Bush administration forever, as National defense took center stage in the minds, hearts, and dedicated focus of the entire Bush administration, a focus that would not be lost over the next seven years in office. President Bush did pursue domestic interests and legislative goals, however, National defense was the most important issue to this wartime President, as securing defeat of our enemies, and punishment for the murderous attacks, was his agenda.

That agenda has been lost with the transition to a new President, one that does not believe in keeping America safe at all costs or listening to his appointed General, who pleaded for 40,000 to 60,000 additional troops, for three months.

Gone are the Presidential speeches of dedication to freedom, focus on securing victory, and the ultimate conclusion of keeping America safe, we now have a President who is the champion of freedom destructing legislation, is focused on the socialization of American economics, and is not doing his best to keep America safe. Not to mention, Obama has a problem with "victory".

National defense means little to President Obama. Over the past twelve months as the supposed Commander-In-Chief, Obama ignored the War in Israel (sending millions in aid to Hamas), waited around for three days to take action against the Somali pirates, focused on health care for three months (while the Generals report remained unread), and waited three days to address the Nation on the failed terrorist attack on Christmas, spending just six minutes at the podium.

President Bush was focused on National defense, keeping our soldiers and citizens safe, and fighting the good fight against Islamo-Fascists in the Middle East. Sure, President Bush did have a domestic agenda, however, that agenda was never more important than securing America, never.

President Bush also believed in keeping strong alliances with our allies, while using harsh interrogation techniques to keep Americans safe, and treating our enemies as such, enemies of the United States, not as common criminals.

I might be old fashioned and clinging to the good ole' days, however, National defense deserves ultimate focus from the President of the United States, especially during wartime, and that is something we have not seen from President Obama, and will not see.

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Southern Man said...

I could not agree more. The passage of a domestic social agenda means little if we find ourselves living and fear or ultimately subjugated by some foreign country. We have to secure ourselves from threat before we can truly enjoy the fruits of our freedom. I think people in places like Iraq would agree. What good are civil rights and health care if you have to dodge suicide bombers on your way to buy groceries?