Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interview with Jumping in Pools founder, Matthew Avitabile.

Jumping in Pools was created in 2008, however, most of the writers on Jumping in Pools, did not join the blog until late 2008, I did not become a fulltime writer on Jumping in Pools until spring of 2009. It has been a pleasure writing with the Conservative blogosphere, and with the founder of this blog, Matthew Avitabile, who agreed to an interview on his own website, few have such courage. Please read this interview, and discover the reasons behind the oddball sounding name of this Conservative political blog. This is number 38 in our interview series.

Tim Knight - What is the meaning of Jumping in Pools?

Matthew Avitabile -
I named the blog Jumping in Pools after an incident in high school. On a $30 bet from two of my friends I jumped into an above-ground pool covered in ice in November 2003. I only got $20 of the $30, though. I figured the name would be a neat eye-catcher while summing up my later high school days.

Tim Knight - What has been Obama's best accomplishment as President, and his worst moment as President?

Matthew Avitabile -
Jokingly, his best moment was slamming Kanye West. That's something we can all get behind. His real best moment was his speech accepting the Nobel Prize when he basically said that sometimes war is justified and that he was confused why he won the prize.

His worst moment was not speaking up for the people of Iran in June. He was basically giving them the cold shoulder.

Tim Knight - Will we win the War in Afghanistan, and will we enter Yemen within the next few years?

Matthew Avitabile - Yes, we will win in Afghanistan. Obama made a good commitment in his surge and it is likely that more troops will follow. Remember, over half of Afghanistan's territory and population is secure. It will require a hard-fought COIN campaign in the Pashtun areas, but it is likely to work.

We will undoubtedly be in Yemen in some capacity in the next five years. Most likely, we'll send in trainers and more special-ops teams. I can't see a full blown invasion, though. Somalia is a much worse breeding ground for jihad.

Tim Knight - Will Senator McCain be re-elected in Arizona's upcoming election?

Matthew Avitabile - Unfortunately it appears like John McCain may be pushed out narrowly by the right-wing purists in the party and hand the Senate seat over to the Democrats to prove some pointless point.

Tim Knight - What is the greatest part of writing, in your opinion?

Matthew Avitabile -
Writing and having comments-- especially when people think that your work doesn't suck.

Tim Knight - Will the Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives?

Matthew Avitabile -
No, I believe that they'll come close. It's more important to let the Dems control both Houses so then they'll be blamed rather than having a one-vote GOP majority and be blamed for the President's poor decisions.
Tim Knight - Who will be the Republican nominee in 2012?

Matthew Avitabile -
I have no idea. I'll have to punt. But I will say that it probably won't be Sarah Palin. She's got over 20 years ahead of her to become President and she knows it.
Tim Knight - What do you see for the future of Jumping in Pools?

Matthew Avitabile - A slowly growing readership from almost 200 now to over 400 next year. A few Instalanches and satire pieces may also gain us some spikes-- who knows.

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